We're About Loving God, Loving Others...

Meeting Location:  (Forestdale Church Building) Sundays, at 12noon at 110 Route 130, Forestdale, MA

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1340, Forestdale, MA 02644

Phone: 508-888-8282

“So, what’s it like to go to Lighthouse? What kind of place is this? What is your church really like?”

  Excellent questions. We’re a casual and contemporary style church, with a “come as you are” dress code (shorts and t-shirts are okay). We use contemporary style music, featuring a worship band with drums, guitar, bass and keyboard with upbeat music, but we’re not a charismatic or Pentecostal type church. We try to show how relevant Jesus is in our daily lives. We teach the Bible as the absolute inerrant truth for our lives. Kids and teenagers are welcome in our service and we have groups for adults. We’re ordinary folks loving an extraordinary Savior!   

Sunday Worship 12noon - Get Directions

                 Our CORE MINISTRY VALUES

  1. REACH THE UNCHURCHED - We are committed to introduce non-churchgoing people to Jesus Christ.
  2. PEOPLE MATTER - We are committed to love people in word and deed, because people matter to God.
  3. PRAYER -We are committed to being a people who pray regularly, to build an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. THE BIBLE -We are committed to preaching and teaching the truth found in the Scriptures as our ultimate authority in faith and life.
  5. DYNAMIC WORSHIP - We are committed to provide energizing, relevant, contemporary worship which focuses on God as our audience.
  6. BE REAL – We are committed to living genuine, honest lives based on truth as our standard of living.
  7. JOY -We are committed to enjoying the life of being in Christ in all that we do.